I’m Jasmine. Originally from Hong Kong, I was raised by Tokyo, Gothenburg, Frankfurt, and Paris. I took my education to the UK: English at Durham University, where I wrote about commodity culture and too many Victorians, and then a Masters in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Leeds to write about protest and brand boycotts. I work in strategy now, based between Paris and London.

In everything I do, I am in pursuit of collaboration between unlikely things. I enjoy weird collisions of contrast. I know what it’s like to look from the outside, in. I’m good at seeing through chaos. I see what others often cannot / do not wish to see.

The spaces I move between shape my perspective.

So, I write myself into motion.

Find me here and there:

Instagram @extreme.metaphors and @sen.ddoods (drawings)
Twitter @hellojasminelo
business enquiries / commissions : hello.jasminelo@gmail.com

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